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FLW-High School

FLW-High School Fishing

Latest FLWOutdoors.com Content www.FLWOutdoors.com
  • If you're struggling with holiday shopping for an angler or are looking for fishing-related ideas for your own Christmas list, something from the list below is likely to trip your trigger.

  • Unfortunately, for most of us in the North Country, the fishing season is coming to an end. Ice has begun to cover several of the shallow ponds and bays off larger lakes, and it will only be a matter of days before the lakes are completely frozen over and ice fisherman start their yearly ritual.


College Fishing

Latest collegefishing.com Content collegefishing.com
  • What makes Greg Hackney so good? How can David Dudley be so consistent? How does Mark Rose keep sponsors happy for years? What does it really take to be a top-100 pro?

  • In that 2002 event, I was qualified to win a life-changing $900,000 counting incentives. To finish second and win $110,000 while catching nearly 10 pounds more weight than my nearest competitor was all the incentive I needed to seek how to deal with letdowns.

  • You might not always catch bass as well as Bryan Thrift, but in early December you sure can fish like him by throwing the same three baits he usually has tied on when he's out fishing in the winter.


Latest Tournament News

The latest articles, photos and video from the Bassmaster Classic, Elites, Opens, Federation Divisionals and more
  • Unlike many other anglers who have qualified for the Elite Series through the Bassmaster Opens, Jamie Hartman didn’t get hooked on tournament fishing via a family member.

  • Getting the most from your electronics can be challenging … even for a touring pro. With all of their built-in functions and display options, it’s easy to get confused.

  • No matter what size tournament you’re fishing – whether it’s a $100,000 event on the Bassmaster Elite Series or a fun, little weekend tournament on your hometown lake – you’ve no doubt heard “the rant.”